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Klangwirkstoff Scheibosan

Musiccollector since 1977 of various styles, DJ since 1981 at parties, big festivals, concerts, companyevents & presentations in different locations in austria and the rest of the world (greece, russia, switzerland, germany, brasil, hungary, kroatia,...). Compiling CDs since 1997, producing music with friends since 1999.

It began with funk&jazz, disco to brasil, ethno, dub, 70´s german electronics, ambient, house, techno & trance till today. Point of interest at the moment: techhouse with worldmusicinfluence, progressive house & oldschool jazz&funk&soul, funky´n jazzy downtempogrooves, balkan, ... Various influenced music, different worlds indeed, but very close together - and all combinations are possible today - some of them we even haven´t dreamed of. I always try to find the right sound for the location & the people & the mood of the event - thats what i think a dj should take care of with his sets, the selection & combination & mixing of music create the vibes of an evening.

Each year more than 30,000 new music titles are released (or re-released) and no matter what your musical appetite, there are not enough hours in a lifetime to listen to a tiny fraction of the global supply. People will pay simply to have someone recommend the music and present selected material to them in an easy and fun manner. That is why producers, labels, djs and the related ecology of reviewers, catalogers and guides will continue to make a living. At least people will always need selectors ....




- DJ in Austria since 1981 @ various parties & festivals in austria & the rest of the world like Germany, Switzerland, Kroatia, Hungary, Spain, Greece, Brasil, …
- Compiling CDs (Black Coffee 1-6, ltd. Promo CDs "Carpe Diem" & Lunaqua" for Red Bull Company, ltd. CD Casino Cercle Vienna, ...) since 1997
- Producing with Shanti Roots
- Guest at several radioshows in Austria (ORF/FM4 - Liquid Radio, Silly Solid Swound System,, Germany, Switzerland, USA, ...
- Rating and charting of music sampling agencies like DCOC, Jazz Moon, DJ Propaganda and for various labels
- Organizing, consulting and booking for events and partys





Fruitys 3 - Chillout (XXX/1997)

Black Coffee 1 (Ecco Chamber/1998)

Black Coffee 2 (Ecco Chamber/2000)

Black Coffee 3 (Ecco Chamber/2001)

LunAqua Bars (Ltd ed. Compilation for Red Bull Company /2001)

Black Coffee 4 (Ecco Chamber/2002)

Carpe Diem (Ltd ed. Compilation for Red Bull Company/ 2002)

Black Coffee 5 (Ecco Chamber/Oct 2002)

Black Coffee 6 (Ecco Chamber/ Nov 2003)

Casino Cercle Wien (like Vienna / Ltd. ed. Compilation Jänner 2012)  



Scheibosan & VCO-Ultimate -Dub Club/G-Stone Rec/2000

Scheibosan & eMU - Herden - Black Coffee 3/Ecco Chamber/2001

Scheibosan & eMU - Bassdrive - Black Coffee EP/Ecco Chamber/2001

Shanti Roots & Scheibosan - Afrique - Vienna Scientists/2002

Scheibosan & eMU - Montezuma - Black Coffee 5/Ecco Chamber/2002

Shanti Roots & Scheibosan - Find it - Black Coffee 6/Ecco Chamber/2003

Martin Böttchen - Auf Engel schießt man nicht (Shanti Roots & Scheibosan´s Peacepipe Dub) - Jubelee Rec /2004

Timewarp - The Obsession Bug (Shanti Roots & Scheibosan´s Electrowanz Version) - Timewarp Music/2006

Shanti Roots & Scheibosan - Yoni (Compilation Silk 2 / Cocoon Rec 2008)

Monte Laa Productions – Toony (cow edit) – Haikai music 2008

Monte Laa Productions – Liquid Bubbles – Baba Rec 2008

Shanti Roots & Scheibosan – El Naraja EP (3 track EP: Hr Tichy / Cosmo & Wanda / Morning Glory)Kraak Rec 2009

Shanti Roots & Scheibosan – El Naraja EP (remixes) – Kraak Rec 2009

Shanti Roots & Scheibosan – Clap your hands (4 track EP: Clap your hands (vocal & dub) / One more time / Flusensieb)Kraak Rec 2011

Rino (IO) DJ – Jeans on (Shanti Roots & Scheibosan Rx) – Rebeat 2011

Shanti Roots & ScheibosanJackpotlike Vienna 2012 - on Casino Cercle Wien Compilation

Shanti Roots & Scheibosan - Glück im Spiel & Geld für die Liebe (3 track EP: Jackpot / Perfect Jam / Space Control) - SpagatMusicBerlin 2013







Gerald Scheiber

Scholaugasse 14

2380 Perchtoldsdorf / Austria

DJ | Musicproducer | Partyorganizer

Corporate purpose:

I make people happy through playing good music for them